Caribbean Activities For Kids – Barbados

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Caribbean activities for kids

Having a enjoyable vacation with kids can be hard as they can get bored very easily, but with these 5 caribbean activities for kids which you can do as a family, you will  keep your children smiling from ear to ear and sleeping soundly


snorkelling a caribbean activity for kids

In Barbados, snorkelling  is very popular. There are several companies that do amazing tours all over the island ,- tours which include swimming with turtles and seeing tropical fish and shipwrecks. If you are lucky you may even see stingrays and starfish!  Several tours also provide  an excellent lunch and drinks.

However if you’re on a budget there is sneaky trick that my family and I use all the time.At one of our favourite beaches, Carlisle Bay, Saint Michael, the tour boats stop a few metres from the shore because the by is full of sunken wrecks where there are many fish and turtles. Operators even feed the turtles and fish (sensibly of course) so that their customers have a guaranteed show of sea animals.So we grab our snorkels and swim vigorously up to the boats and enjoy as the turtles  and fish swim around us and get fed and it costs you only the price of your snorkel and you get great excercise!


Inflatable Water Fun

caribbean activities for kids

Water sports are easy to find on many beaches of the Caribbean, from inflatable trampolines to thrilling rope swings off jetties. These Caribbean activitisforkids are excellent for kids of all ages.

Especially in Barbados, many beaches that have water trampolines and climbing mountains in the water ( check The Boatyard in Bridgetown and the super popular Mullins beach in the north of the island near Speightstown). These beaches can be great for kids so oftenyou will see birthday parties on the beaches.

The beaches are equipped with  water trampolines, swing ropes into the water,  inflatable water mountains and even have beach bars so you can sip a delicious Caribbean cocktail while watching your kids have the time of their lives! Bythe time they are done, they sleep so soundly, you can truly plan an enjoyable evening for yourselves!


Paddle boarding and kayaking

paddleboarding caribbean activities for kids

This is probably one of my favourite Caribbean activities for kids to do in Barbados and is great for older kids and adults as you need to be able to swim. Sup paddle boarding (stand up paddling) can even be done with yoga!! You can rent a paddle board for up to 2 hours and it only costs $30 Barbados (US$15)  at Paddle Barbados on Pebbles Beach on Bay Street in Bridgetown (near Hilton Hotel).

Also at Paddle Barbados you can rent family kayaks, if your not to keen on paddle boarding.  If you are worried about not knowing how Sup or kayaking, they will teach you and provide you with life jackets. Another perk is that the beah bar has pretty good food at a reasonable price, live music some evenings and great drinks with a view over the ocean. With the Wifi, its easy to stay there all day!


The Great Big Mable, Airhead and Banana Boat


I really cannot remember how many times I have done this before but this great fun! This activity for kids is geared for those over 6 years as sometimes you bounce off…(which is the fun part) but plenty of young adults enjoy the ride!.

You probably don’t know what I mean by the great big Mable; – but it is inflatable coach attached to a speed boat and you sit on the coach and get dragged around by the boat! The airhead is basically the same except it is shaped like a circle  and you lie on your stomach.The banana is just that …a big yellow banana to ride. And don’t worry they provide life jackets.

Such a blast…and a staple for birthday parties.You can hire them on the beach.The guys who manage the beach chairs and water sports always just “shout” a guy and sooner or later it will arrive for you.



Scuba Diving

 scuba caribbean activities for kids

Even though you may think diving is more for teenagers and  adults, I have seen many children dive before. In Barbados the diving facilities are very good you can learn how to dive in the pool and then go out to Carlisle Bay Marine Park or do the same on the West Coast with people like Reefers and Wreckers in Speightstown to see the amazing underwater treasures including shipwrecks, turtles, stingrays and lots of tropical fish and plenty of beautiful coral.

I would suggest you dive with your kids even though several  instructors will be with you to keep you  your children safe. They also guide you on protecting the coral reefs. Its the most expensive of the Caribbean activites for kids  (about US4110 per person) but also the most amazing. They provide everything…masks, wetsuits if needed, fins, oxygen…I highly recommend it. Pease note that they will check medical history.



 Action Packed Holidays

If you needed to get the kids off the tablets, phones, and computers, Caribbean activities win hands down. Kids are happy to jump in the pools and the crystal clear sea water and spend plenty of time at the beach! And once you remember a good sunblock to be with you and on you at all times, it is a very healthy thing to do!





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